Monday, 12 December 2011

Marion Cotillard in Dior Comedy

Fashion houses and beauty empires choose different movie stars to be the face of their brands, they're not only beautiful but also familiar and have the ability to naturally attract attention and create a lasting bond through their film roles on the silver screen.

Lady Dior ad campaign

Christian Dior has several actresses promoting fragrances, accessories and skincare products. Charlize Theron embodies J'Adore Dior perfume while Natalie Portman is Miss Chérie and the voluptuous style of Eva Green gives a new allure to Midnight Poison.  

Charlize Theron in j'adore Dior ad campaign

We're already familiar with Marion Cotillard as the face of Lady Dior, the iconic handbag which was immortalised by Princess Diana in 1995 by simply carrying it in her hand. 

Princess Diana with her Lady Dior handbag

This week, Christian Dior reveals a comedy shot in Hollywood by John Cameron Mitchell starring Marion Cotillard and the latest versions of the Lady Dior, including a tricolour crocodile bag in sapphire, fuchsia and turquoise. 

Marion Cotillard in L.A.dy Dior film

"John chose amazing actors and it's always a pleasure to work with amazing people, it makes everything simple." Marion Cotillard.

It was the first comedy they did for Dior, Cameron was inspired by a short film by Richard Avedon with Lauren Hutton.

Short films have become an effective way to cement the identity of a fashion house and to promote new and classic products to an increasingly demanding audience.

Marion Cotillard in L.A.dy Dior film

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