Monday, 11 March 2013

How to be Stylish and Stay Warm

Fur is another prevalent trend just emerging from the latest catwalk shows for AW 2013/14. Designers have covered up their women in the most exciting pieces of fur, either as a stole or long coat. It's up to one's consciousness how to follow this trend as faux fur is always an option on the table.

Lanvin and Marc Jacobs
Lanvin and Marc Jacobs (photos edited from

A fur stole is old school glamour, women look demure yet very feminine when they wear it around their neck. It's also worth mentioning how the skirt length has fallen bellow the knee or even lower bringing up nostalgia of past decades where good manners were still fashionable. Courtesy is always priceless.

Tom Ford and Emilio Pucci
Tom Ford and Emilio Pucci (photos edited from

When snow slowly drifts down just as it's happening now, there's nothing quite like a winter coat to keep us warm and fur details always give it a special touch and exotic allure, reminiscent of Russian Czars and historic figures. Tom Ford has embraced an almost baroque style using a lot of print and embroidery on his latest collection.

Roberto Cavalli and Fendi
Roberto Cavalli and Fendi (photos edited from

When it comes to Autumn/Winter collections, the truth is fur always comes back in some shape or form. It's functional, protecting us from the cold weather and it's also stylish but the latest catwalk shows reveal an audacity to experiment with different patterns and colours. It certainly looks edgier. 

Lanvin and Marc Jacobs
Lanvin and Marc Jacobs (photos edited from

Marc Jacobs is now a designer at the top of his game and his latest collection has fabulous pieces where he has combined fur with sparkling fabrics. It's ideal for parties and events. We all need a bit of fantasy to brighten up our winter days! He also did a great job for Louis Vuitton, creating one of the strongest collections for the season.

Donna Karan and Louis Vuitton
Donna Karan and Louis Vuitton (photos edited from

But if you prefer the classic rock star style, both Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent have produced the ideal coat for you. If you're conscientious about animal rights wear faux fur, there's still a long way to go nonetheless it's possible to find relatively interesting pieces on the high street.

Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs
Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs (photos edited from

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