London Love Affair

This weekend London opened the doors of some of its most impressive architectural landmarks. Everyone is invited to explore their favourite buildings in the city with Open House, a unique way of seeing great architecture and design at first hand.

Love London
This amazing city lives on the edge, from after hours entertainment to the civilised sarcastic humour of fascinating plays, anyone who lives in London gets caught up by its wild energy and is always learning.

There is a fabulous energy in the air as London embraces the spring with warm sunny days this week. Birds sing and flowers bloom to the delight of those who are able to be outdoors and enjoy this magnificent weather.

Street Vibes: Portobello Market
Music echoes from the stalls and street artists give a new life to one of the most popular and vibrant markets in London - Portobello. The British romantic comedy Notting Hill, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, was shot in this area.

Dancing on Ice... Lovebox at Somerset House
Christmas in London wouldn't be the same without ice skating at Somerset House. Presented by Tiffany & Co, it's a joyful experience and even if you end up falling on the ice, you can always have a good laugh!

Shoreditch Lifestyle
Just as any other city in the world, London has different neighbourhoods with distinctive characteristics, Shoreditch in particular is home to cool people, it's a relaxed and trendy area.

Christmas Windows Displays
It's getting colder in London, days are getting shorter and coats slowly emerge out of the wardrobe... But this is also a sign that Christmas is coming, even if you don't believe in anything, all the shining street lights remind you of it.

For the Love of Art... Frieze Art Fair
One of the best things about London is its unique position as the world's centre stage for showcasing culture and one of the main events is undoubtedly Frieze Art Fair.

London Film Festival Highlights
I went to Leicester Square to check out the buzzing atmosphere of the London Film Festival Opening Night. Due to the building work there, there was only a narrow space for all the media and passers-by.

King's Road... Chelsea Fashion?
Nowadays Chelsea is considered a posh area of London and King's road is one of its most legendary locations. It was a private royal road used by Charles II to travel to Kew until 1830 but only gained popularity among the fashion crowd during the 60s, when it was home to the Hippie counterculture.

An Afternoon in Hyde Park
London is quite unique because even though it's a big city with all the inherent chaos and incredible speed you can relax in one of the many lovely parks sprinkled around the metropolitan area.

Sunshine and Style in Carnaby Street
This is absolutely fabulous! With my new precious toy, the i-Pad 2, I can publish my blog anywhere! For instance today I'm writing from the beautiful Aqua bar and restaurant terrace, making the most of a sunny day in London.

Islington Afternoon Tour
Islington is a trendy area with lots of character. It's mainly inhabited by artistic types, young couples and single independent people. In rare sunny days, everyone makes the most of it.

Indulge in Afternoon Tea!
Leicester Square, in the heart of London, is best known for its movie premieres when different celebrities walk the red carpet to promote their latest films.

Buy Flowers on Sunday!
London is well-known for its diverse markets across the city but the Flower market in Columbia Road is one of the most charming.