Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fashion Communication

More and more fashion labels are understanding the power of a high impact video to reach wider online audiences and promote brand awareness. One of the most watched YouTube videos in recent times is definitely Penelope Cruz's directorial debut for Agent Provocateur, having been viewed over a million times in just two weeks.

Miguel Angel Silvestre in the Agent Provocateur video
Miguel Angel Silvestre in 'L'Agent' Provocateur video (Music by Optimist)

There are references to Guy Bourdin's work and despite being a man's fantasy it's not so far removed from reality, as these parties actually happen within affluent and exclusive social networks. Despite being written by Penelope Cruz, it has definitely a male viewpoint and it would be far more interesting if she would have played with the secret world of a woman's erotic imagination. 

But the beauty of online media resides precisely in its openness to limitless possibilities in terms of content. When it comes to magazines, it's refreshing to go beyond the highly subjective journalist's interpretation to hear the fashion designer himself and make up our own mind as is the case of Vogue Voices, one of the many series American Vogue is producing. 

It's a great opportunity to know more about fashion from an insider's point of view. It's still an edited version of reality but somehow more genuine. This video in particular features Marc Jacobs, one of the most successful designers at the moment. These series include a video of Alber Elbaz, the creative force behind Lanvin, who is incredibly inspiring.

Some people have a unique way of seeing things as is also the case of Steve McCurry, a renowned photographer. You probably have already come across his 'Afghan Girl' photo at some point so if you're in London in October, hear him speak about his new book at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Southbank. Untold: the Stories Behind the Photographs is a fascinating insight into his photojournalism.

Miles Aldridge
Photo by Miles Aldridge

He has also photographed the latest Pirelli calendar. For those who are seduced by fashion photography, don't miss the opportunity to visit Somerset House in the near future. There are two amazing exhibitions going on featuring Miles Aldridge and Erwin Blumenfeld. If you're in Paris or plan to visit the city in the next few days, visit the 'Little Black Dress' designed by almost every well-known name in the world of fashion.

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