The Allure of the Moving Image

More and more fashion labels are understanding the power of a high impact video to reach wider online audiences and promote brand awareness. One of the most watched YouTube videos in recent times is definitely Penelope Cruz's directorial debut foAgent Provocateur, having been viewed over a million times in just two weeks.

Social media is gaining more and more prominence in people's lives, we love to share with others whatever we find interesting via our hi-tech gadgets. Fashion, which is always a reflection of what's going on in the world, has taken this into a whole new level producing short films to communicate brands' ethos. 

All eyes are now on London for fashion week. It is exciting to be here and live the unique vibe and edgy atmosphere of this fabulous city! With Natalie Massenet at the helm of the British Fashion Council, the focus is now on business and new technologies, definitely the way forward.

Stella McCartney was the star of this year's British Fashion Awards, receiving two awards for her successful global brand. In a heartfelt speech, she mentioned being put down by a French fashion businessman who told her no woman could establish a global brand by herself in this day and age.

From Giles to Erdem and Christopher Kane, London Fashion Week is vibrant each day. But as a global fashion brand, Burberry attracts much attention, it has always the biggest names from the fashion press around the world and a lot of celebrities.

Fashion's Night Out
This is a very exciting time! It gives me great pleasure to celebrate the first anniversary of my blog with a video about an amazing evening - Vogue's Fashion Night Out. The streets were alive with a buzzing atmosphere, live music entertainment and fun photo sessions. Enjoy!

Most Popular Fashion Videos
From magazines to online retail sites and global luxury brands, videos are more and more crucial to communicate with potential consumers and engage target audiences. If a video becomes viral it saves a lot of investment in terms of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Free Range and Diamond Jubilee
I'm very excited to share with you my first video for this blog! Could this be the beginning of a new journey? It all depends on your response to it. If you want to see more videos, please show your support by sharing it with your friends!