Different Looks for Different occasions!

It's the million dollar question, what is the secret behind the success of a magazine cover? Some covers become iconic and represent the spirit of a decade or a particular creative mind while others are simply breathtaking. 

The atmosphere in Hollywood must be electrifying in the run-up to the 85th Academy Awards. An army of people has been working around the clock to make sure everything goes smoothly and the stars are now surrounded by an entourage of style savvy insiders to make them shine.

The festive season is a time of indulgence with a wide range of parties, from cocktails with work colleagues to family dinners. The following limited selection offers ideas to dress for the occasion, focused only on the creativity of the British Fashion Awards 2012 winners.

This is the time to start thinking about what to wear for the British Fashion Awards 2012 coming up next week. The dress code is 'black tie' which is an invitation to be chic and glamorous! This is an obvious occasion to celebrate and support British designers.

Job Interview Look
First impressions are very important in all our relationships but in a job interview they are absolutely crucial. Many recruiters make early judgements before we even utter a word. So it's worth making an effort to look the part, just as costume design, the right clothes can help us embody the role we are applying for.

Dating Style
In today's wired world, technology plays such a pervasive role that our lives get more and more intertwined with it. It's not just a work tool or a way of entertaining ourselves, it has gone beyond news and information research to become much more personal.

Couture for Music Stars
Most couture customers come from oil rich nations in the Middle East and Russia, where billionaire oligarchs spoil their entourage with luxury gifts. From the emerging super rich in China to the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, its is a reasonably predictable list of the wealthiest people on earth.

Summer Holiday Style
For those of us who live in London it's hard to believe the summer is already here but with all the sales going on, both online and in the high street, we should start considering what to pack for our holiday.

Royal Ascot Style
I can easily let go of the past so to write about heritage and tradition is very unlikely, but Royal Ascot is one of the pinnacle events of the summer social season and everyone looks beautifully polished.

Summer Festival Style
With two fantastic summer festivals starting this week - Sónar in Barcelona and Lovebox here in London - this is the time to think about what to wear and prepare to celebrate music's ability to connect people from different countries and sociocultural backgrounds.

Park and Barbecue Style
This is the time to embrace the hot weather and go outside! Londoners are particularly fond of the great parks the city has proudly maintained throughout its evolution, despite the difficult challenges associated with population's growth.

Fashion and Breastfeeding
This week, Julia Restoin Roitfeld launched an appeal on Twitter for dresses practical enough to breastfeed her new born baby girl, Romy Nicole Konjic. You would think it's an easy task but after browsing through a wide range of dresses, it's unbelievable how challenging it is to find them!

Let's Get Physical!
No, I did not grow up in the 80s, but when writing about exercise the song 'Physycal' by Australian pop singer Olivia Newton-John, does come to mind. With summer holidays approaching this is definitely your last chance to get fit, so why not do it in style?

Work Wardrobe
This is the ideal time to wear a blouse, it's not too hot and not too cold and we can always put on a jacket to cover up when moving from one place to the other. It's really feminine but do we want to look like our mother? Find out how to make it look avant-garde!

Trench Coats and Umbrellas
It's been raining all week in London but this doesn't mean you have to stay home. You can embrace the spirit of Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain (1952) and get out with a smile on your face, maybe to watch the musical based on this film, now showing at the Palace Theatre.

Happy Valentine's Day!
After my previous selection of what to wear and what to do on this special day, this is the time to think about lingerie and shoes, two key things to make the whole evening worthwhile. They are the perfect Valentine's gift!

Valentine's Day: Entertainment and Dresses
At least once a year, couples celebrate their love and express their feelings to each other. Valentine's Day is coming which means you'll have a date so it's better to prepare in advance about what to wear and what to do.

Have a Personal Stylist!
Many celebrities have a personal stylist to help them look fabulous whenever they have a red carpet event. So why don't you have one? Make it a new year's resolution for 2012!

The Ultimate Party Accessory
Now it's time to focus on that special night of the year, New Year's eve, and after all the bookings done, we wonder what to wear. One thing is certain, no outfit would be complete without the ultimate party accessory - the clutch bag.

Stunning Dresses for New Year's Eve
After all the challenges of 2011, we embrace the new year with a sense of relief and need to start 2012 feeling fabulous! This is also the time to think about your resolutions: what do you want to leave behind and which goals are you setting for yourself?

Christmas Red Dress
Whenever we think of Christmas red comes to our mind, from the traditional plants such as Poinsettias and holly berries to Santa Claus, this warm colour permeates this festive period.

Shining Armour
As independent women, we assume a leading role in our lives, working hard during the day but sometimes our commitments do not end when we leave the office, we may be requested to attend business related events.

'Birds of Paradise'
This is the expression Christian Louboutin used to describe the show girls from Les Folies Bergères in Paris, when he was interviewed by Jane Garvey for BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour programme.

The Allure of Burgundy
Burgundy is a strong colour emerging in fashion, this shade of purplish red is named after the French wine from the Burgundy region. When you smell this wine, there's a distinctive aroma of red fruits.

The Best Coats for Winter
If you take a look at some of London's window displays for Christmas, you can acknowledge the proeminence of white, either as a background or as a dominant colour (Selfridges).  

Warm Up Your Hands in Style!
As the cold sets in it's time to think about the best way to keep ourselves warm, particularly our hands, it's important to protect the skin from ageing and other maladies.

Top Statement Necklaces
One of the most ancient pieces of jewellery takes centre stage in fashion: the necklace. It's the style signature of Anna Wintour, the British-born editor-in-chief of American Vogue.

Pencil Skirt, a Fashion Statement
It's only when a woman starts moving that the pencil skirt reveals all its splendour, sculpting the body as ceramic molds.

The Power of a Dress
You should never underestimate how a dress can transform an evening or even make history. The white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch has sold for $4.6m at an auction in Los Angeles last June.