Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Interactive Magazine

Digital media communication is already upon us, most published magazines have interactive websites and special editions for iPads and mobile phones. But this is the first time the publishing industry combines all these platforms on paper with a Direct Response Publishing title: iLove magazine.

iLove magazine

We jumped at the technology enabling an iPad or iPhone to scan a code and start playing a video. This magazine takes this technology into a whole new level with each page being filled with interactive content. Readers can watch videos, buy items off the page, access a picture gallery, get body specific styling advice, share content with their friends...

iLove magazine

The magazine works in partnership with the Royal Mail to deliver a free magazine to an audience profiled by Market Reach. Much has been recently published about how magazine editors are changing their career to senior positions in retail, this is undoubtedly a natural step considering the connection between brands, media and consumers is getting closer and closer.

iLove magazine

Peer pressure is taking centre stage and social media is now the driving force of brand awareness and consumer engagement. This magazine encourages social network coverage and integration previously reserved to online publications. 

Can this be the future of publishing? Is Net-a-Porter adopting this model for its upcoming print title expected to be launched in the Autumn? It's certainly clever to combine our need to feel the glossy pages with our passion for hi-tech! 

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