Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shoreditch Lifestyle

Just as any other city in the world, London has different neighbourhoods with distinctive characteristics, Shoreditch in particular is home to cool people, it's a relaxed and trendy area.


Many artists and emerging creative talents live in this neighbourhood and the art world hangs out at Shoreditch House, a private member's club, which has the most amazing rooftop: a bar with a swimming pool and an incredible view...  

Playful Promises

You can see these clubs as exclusive but from another viewpoint, they recreate a much more personal and socially binding experience that is welcome in a big city, where everyone is anonymous and lives in their own individual sphere.

Irregular Choice

This was probably in Roger Wade's mind when he decided to create the first pop-up mall in the world made out of reusable containers - BOXPARK - opening up this Saturday next to Shoreditch tube station.

Art Against Knives

This is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective version of other retail spaces which aims to create a lifestyle experience and engage the consumer in a different and much more personal way.


It's aimed at the locals, with mainly streetwear and urban brands on board, for some it's even their first shop ever, but there are other mainstream brands such as Puma and Nike.

"If you don't entertain your customer, they'll buy online." Roger Wade


This project aims to break down the homogeneity of the high street, with big players dressing thousands of people in different countries and follows the concept of the Apple store, which focuses on the brand experience.


It's all about loving the brand and not pushing sales (because in the long run one thing drives the other anyway. If we have a choice, we usually go for what is familiar to us, think of your food shopping...)


For Wade, the founder of Box Park, this is a dream come true, he believed in offering something different with a neighbourhood feel. Each container is uniquely customised according to its brand's ethos and everyone is really friendly.


But I wonder if this is just a way of retailers adapting to a much more demanding consumer and overcome serious market competition.

Vietnamese restaurant Hop-Namo

We are getting immune to advertising, we are clever enough to see through increasingly powerful marketing strategies and tired of being treated as targets therefore brands have to come up with different ways of connecting with us on a much more personal level.


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