Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Allure of Burgundy

Burgundy is a strong colour emerging in fashion, this shade of purplish red is named after the French wine from the Burgundy region. When you smell this wine, there's a distinctive aroma of red fruits. 

Marc Jacons, Haider Ackermann and Balenciaga. Source:

Cherry, raspberry, redcurrant and strawberry blend with a woody bouquet and you can sense musky and spicy undertones. The flavour is a perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and tannins.


This is a wine worth enjoying with beef, game and delicate cheeses so it's perfect for a cold winter night, to warm up the spirit around the dinner table.

Liam Fahy (

The burgundy colour cannot yet be considered a trend but if you walk around the high street you see some splashes of it on window displays, and you may also acknowledge it in interior design.

Lisa Armchair by Driade (

Madalena Frackowiak was photographed by David Roemer wearing a ravishing burgundy Emilio Pucci dress for the December 2011 cover of Vogue Mexico. Beyonce wore a similar dress in dark green for her Who Run the World (Girls) video.  

Vogue Mexico cover, December 2011

Burgundy is starting to emerge in beauty. Different blogs and magazines suggest it as the ultimate nail polish colour and makeup offers different tones for lipsticks and eyeshadows to play with.

Burgundy makeup. Source:

Prada has designed a beautiful python bag in both cream and burgundy with shoes to match! You also have the boots version.


Some designers prefer a more reddish version, my favourite is definitely Gucci, this dress is just to die for, the whole Autumn/Winter collection was brilliant!

Victoria Beckham, Gucci and Vionnet. Source:

This is a good colour to invest, it's dramatic and poetic, a subtle expression of passion and glamour! You can add more wine or more cherries but the new red is definitely darker!

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