Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Editorial Voice

The first issue of Dash magazine was published yesterday with a great party at Wyld, where fashionable people have gathered to celebrate this new publication 'devoted to the fabrication of images, concepts and articles with a high level of depth and aesthetics'.

The strong smell of paper emerges as you go through the pages, the paper is not glossy but slightly rough in tune with the whole concept of this publication which aims to cut corners and give visibility to people who are unique in their own way, individual thinkers.

The feature about Kate Moss is a testimony of this, there is a lot of research but filtered through a personal viewpoint which fits with the magazine's profile to cater for opinion formers.

Illustrations from Dash magazine, Elizabeth A. Bukanova and Patrick Morgan

Illustrators have now a new platform to showcase their work, Dash gives prominence to this artistic expression, featuring an interesting interview with fashion illustrator François Berthoud who has worked for Viktor & Rolf, Tiffany and Vogue magazine.

"The World Wide Web is fast, Bloggers are even faster." Walter Keller in Dash Magazine

The importance of Bloggers is also acknowledged and those featured represent the style of the magazine, unmistakably from East London with an unconventional and irreverent attitude. 

Dash is definitely a new distinct editorial voice, independent and refreshingly aimed at all genders who love fashion and illustration.

The magazine was launched by Noémie Schwaller who won a Fashion Journalism Award during the London College of Fashion's MA graduate season.

Dash magazine cover

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