Friday, 8 March 2013

Second Skin Stronghold

When it comes to fashion, it's not just about the way it looks but also the way it feels. The latest catwalk shows for Autumn/Winter 2013-14 are now over so it's possible to acknowledge some key trends and one of them is definitely tactile. There's nothing quite like the texture of certain fabrics to let our imagination run wild.

Versace and Burberry Prorsum
Versace and Burberry Prorsum (photos edited from

Designers adventurous enough to venture into new territories, previously associated with vulgarity, have given latex a twist and turned it into a fashionable item. With all the financial meltdown still hanging over our heads, there is definitely a need to develop a thick skin to cope with today's challenges. 

Jonathan Saunders and Paco Rabanne
Jonathan Saunders and Paco Rabanne (photos edited from

Women emerged on the catwalk looking strong and fearless, revealing a strong femininity. Considering today is the International Women's Day and taking into account the theme for this year established by the United Nations - "time for action to end violence against women" - we definitely need to take the lead in many different areas of society.

David Koma and Simone Rocha
David Koma and Simone Rocha (photos edited from

The world was shocked with gang rape in India but it has been going on for a very long time in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rape has also been used for a while as a weapon of war in many other conflict areas such as Sudan and Afghanistan. This is an ongoing issue and women in those circumstances should be able to find ways of defending themselves.  

Richard Nicoll and Burberry Prorsum
Richard Nicoll and Burberry Prorsum (photos edited from

In the West, women have fought long battles to earn their legitimate place in society but if you take a look at newspapers, when suffering is portrayed there is often an image of a woman either crying or in despair. Considering the power of a country is measured in terms of wealth and military capacity, it's important for women to pursue senior positions not only in politics but also in the financial and military sectors. 

Edun and Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Edun and Vivienne Westwood Red Label (photos edited from

No wonder designers have dressed women with a second skin, they capture their need to step outside the victim label and take the leading role as much as men in many different aspects of their lives. Leather is also key to depict not only women's strength but also their playfulness and sexual enjoyment.

Mulberry and Gucci
Mulberry and Gucci (photos edited from

There are many inspiring women and some of them have the power to make us rethink the way we're living and look for a deeper meaning in our lives. We should find ways of making a difference not only within our own circle of friends but to the world as a whole. The first step is to get in touch with ourselves.

"If you get to the core of who you are my sense is you're going to surprise yourself." Vidal Sassoon  

Michael Kors and Prada
Michael Kors and Prada (photos edited from

Feminism has far too many labels and preconceptions attached to it so I wouldn't call myself a feminist but a believer in equal rights for women. We are different but need to respect and love each other, above all we're human. Nonetheless, women's gift of motherhood should not only be celebrated but also encouraged.

J. Mendel and Givenchy
J. Mendel and Givenchy (photos edited from

At this moment, we are still pushed by opposing forces, career versus motherhood. Governments and society as a whole should realise a child properly raised and loved will become a happy and respectful adult in the future. Obviously there are exceptions and gay parents, single parents and other members of the family can also provide a caring home.

Diesel Black Gold and DSquared2
Diesel Black Gold and DSquared2 (photos edited from

Thankfully there are women who manage to have it all. If you think of the fashion industry, Carine Roitfeld is a clear example; Frida Giannini is now embarking on the family life whilst successfully leading Gucci's creative vision and closer from home, there's Yasmin Sewell. Happy women's day!

Jason Wu and Michel Kors
Jason Wu and Michel Kors (photos edited from

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