Saturday, 10 December 2011

'Birds of Paradise'

This is the expression Christian Louboutin used to describe the show girls from Les Folies Bergères in Paris, when he was interviewed by Jane Garvey for BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour programme.

Fortnum and Mason window display inspired by Les Folies Bergères

When he first saw these women wearing feathers in their heads, glittering costumes and moving in a voluptuous way, this had a strong impact on him.

First impressions can be lasting, when you meet someone for the first time, there is an immediate instinctive reaction. French have an accurate way of putting it into words: coup de foudre which means love at first sight.

Versace. Source:

But it any relationship, not only personal but also professional, first impressions matter. When we see someone wearing feathers, the expression 'birds of paradise' comes to mind, it captures the flair of this season's trend.

From Versace's amazing dress in a vibrant yellow to Yves Saint Laurent impeccable white coat, feathers have suffered some kind of renaissance.

Yves Saint Laurent. Source:

Autumn/Winter collections were punctuated with glimpses of the poetic movement and allusive soft touch of feathers in sophisticated shapes.

Emilio Pucci. Source:

This is a trend to embrace on a special occasion, perhaps on New Year's eve, show up in style wearing a stunning feather dress or coat over a glittering long backless gown and embody the attitude of a bird, free, powerful and naturally poised.

If you indulge too much on the heavenly Christmas food, you may want to pass on this trend as it accentuates your curves.

Mathew Williamson. Source:

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