Saturday, 17 March 2012

George Harrison by Scorsese

We live in an era of so much information that it can pollute our perception. But why follow the crowd? We have a choice and can select carefully what to put in our mind, making a conscientious decision about what to watch, read and listen. It's important to continue learning with a questioning attitude.

George Harrison

TV has become brainless and heartless but sometimes you may hit the jackpot and last night was one of those rare occasions. There was a documentary about the late George Harrison, one of the Beatles, directed by Martin Scorsese - 'Living in a Material World'.

My experience in broadcasting told me that whenever you edit something, you can push your own agenda or be impartial and communicate things as they truly are, in this particular case, you can sense the quest for authenticity by Scorsese.

It was fascinating to go through George Harrison's incredible life journey, noticing all the changes in the world, in people's attitudes and particularly in himself and how his spiritual search led to insightful statements still valid today.  

From the beginning of the Beatles through to his psychedelic phase and involvement with Indian music and religion, it's inspiring to see a mundane man turning his attention within and trying to find answers to questions most of us avoid, about life and death and the meaning of all this.

His friendship with Ravi Shankar was one of the most remarkable, both of them have a very special presence and their words have the weight of deep reflection.

There is so much to learn from this documentary, from the futility of a decadent lifestyle to the importance of contributing to the world in whatever way you can, considering your own talent and character, and how you can embrace change in each moment.

This is a man who stayed true to himself and was brave enough to face his own demons. Certainly inspiring!

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