Sunday, 18 March 2012

Designing Women

This is the name of the exhibition now on display at the Fashion and Textile Museum about post-war British Textiles, featuring three women artists working in England in the 1950s who were pivotal in the artistic revolution of this period - Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag and Marian Mahler.

Designing Women, Fashion and Textile Museum

Original artist designs with bold abstract pattern, as well as the use of saturated colour, marked a dramatic departure from conventional furnishing fabrics. This new wave of bold textile designs, helped to bring the influences of the art world into the contemporary home.

Designing Women, Fashion and Textile Museum

This exhibition reveals the stunning originality and creativity of post-war women textile designers whilst highlighting the limited recognition that their work has received.

Designing Women, Fashion and Textile Museum

In the mid-twentieth-century the concept of design was limited and the opportunities for women to contribute were affected by wider attitudes to work, education and childcare.

Designing Women, Fashion and Textile Museum

Through their bold and avant-garde designs, these self-made women were able to give hope for the future, after the devastating physical and emotional damage of the war.

We have to admire their prolific and versatile nature and the way they managed to overcome circumstances and achieve success.

Designing Women
Post-War British Textiles
Fashion and Textile Museum
16 March - 16 June 2012

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