Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cape Fashion

In a time of overwhelming exposure, both for those who seek it and explore it to their best advantage and for those who would rather control their privacy, the cape comes back to fashion. I wonder if this is a nostalgia of the secrecy and mysterious allure of the past, when imagination played a more prominent role...

Alexander McQueen and Marni (

Just as a yo-yo, fashion is cyclic and the cape is certainly a good example of this phenomenon. The Autumn/ Winter catwalk shows saw a revival of this ancient form of dressing, they were actually common in Medieval Europe and caped overcoats were also popular for men during the Victorian era.

Dolce & Gabbana and Jason Wu

Ladies used to wear it when in full evening dress to cover and protect the fine fabrics underneath. This long and roomy comfortable garment emerged as a trend for next Autumn/ Winter, not only to keep us warm but also featuring opulent embellishments as seen in Milan and New York.

Yves Saint Laurent (

In Paris, Stefano Pilati has created a more dramatic cape for Yves Saint Laurent by adding a bit of leather and twisting it in an elegant way. Valentino also used leather - another big trend for next season - producing a beautiful cape entirely made of this long lasting material.

Valentino (

On the other hand, Moschino has presented a sweet version of the cape, almost girly, so much so that you can start imagining a fairy tale. This is definitely a strong fashion statement, without being overtly sexy, it does focus on comfort without compromising on elegance.

Moschino (

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