Monday, 26 March 2012

Dior Jewellery Faryland

Precious jewels have always fascinate us, fairy tales include exciting treasure hunts with wild adventures in exotic lands and legendary women such as Cleopatra would not be the same without their exquisite adornments.

Dior Joaillerie book (Rizzoli New York)

Elizabeth Taylor, the woman who was the most alluring Cleopatra in the silver screen, was renowned for her jewellery collection and her favourite stone was the green emerald.

Marilyn Monroe famously sang about diamonds as the ultimate companions, unlike men, their beauty and wealth never fade so women can totally rely on them which brings to mind The Picture of Dorian Gray, a 1890 novel by Oscar Wilde, already adapted to film more than once.

Reina Magnifica Sangria necklace, Dior Joaillerie

The beauty industry and plastic surgery have become the modern day instigators of the holy grail of eternal youth but it's just a trap, human beings are definitely not young and beautiful for ever unless they suffer a premature death.

But as Shirley Bassey sang in her powerful voice 'diamonds are forever' and fine jewellery can definitely be passed from generation to generation and constitute a valuable family asset.

Idylle à Valparaiso bracelet, Dior Joaillerie

My favourite designer is Victoire de Castellane and now you can enter her creative world with Dior Joaillerie, an inspiring book published this month in the UK by Rizzoli.

"Victoire de Castellane brings her free-spirited nature to the secular savoir faire of jewellery, which she expresses by experimenting with larger-than-life forms, wild burst of psychedelic colour and excessive details. Her creations have the ability to cast magic spells, inspire wonder and stimulate interaction." Michèle Heuzé

Since launching Dior fine jewellery in 1998, she has revolutionized the world of high jewellery design, from diamond necklaces crafted to look like tied ribbon to sea-creatures re-imagined through fiery opals, her creations are incredibly otherworldly!   

Book cover

© Dior Joaillerie
by Michèle Heuzé
(Rizzoli New York, £47.50)

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