Tuesday, 27 March 2012

London Spring

There is a fabulous energy in the air as London embraces the spring with warm sunny days this week. Birds sing and flowers bloom to the delight of those who are able to be outdoors and enjoy this magnificent weather.

Hermione de Paula A/W 12-13

Fashion is celebrating flowers this season, not only in print but also as tactile adornments. Hermione de Paula loves flower prints every season and her clothes include feather applications that are inviting to touch.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoe and Chalotte Olympia bag

But nature is an endless source of inspiration and other designers have adopted some of its elements into their creations such as Nicholas Kirkwood and Charlotte Olympia

Birds of Paradise flower

If you walk in one of London's parks, you can see beautifully arranged flower beds and street markets invite you to sprinkle them around the house to boost the energy and induce a serene atmosphere.

Portobello market

But you can also carry the spring with you by wearing them, just review my selection of the best looks from the catwalk in 3D Flower Power and double check your wardrobe, maybe this is the time to revive some of your old clothes, after all fashion comes around in circles.

Hermione de Paula A/W 12-13

Flowers can also be an effective way to communicate your feelings to someone special or to honour the memory of someone who has died. William Blake, the man who wrote insightful poetry 200 years ago is still lovingly remembered.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed
Everything would appear... as it is, infinite." William Blake

William Blake's headstone, Bunfield burial ground

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