Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Fashion Dream

Why do I want a career in fashion? How did everything started? Maybe I was influenced by the glossy French magazines in my teenage years but I remember being unable to sleep with the excitement of imagining clothes to be made by a local dress maker. My parents were adamant and demanded a 'proper' degree.

Gucci ad campaign with Sir Francis Bacon quote

I always loved to write so media was a natural choice but later ended up fulfilling my wish and studying fashion design, having participated in a graduate competition with a catwalk show. The disappointment of loosing was so strong that made me want to leave the country. At the time, my English was not as good as my French so I've decided to come to London.

Graduate fashion show (1999)

It didn't feel right to do another fashion design course, particularly because it was far too expensive in terms of materials and it took much more time to complete. Uniting media and fashion seemed like a good step at the time but this decision lead my career closer to journalism and further away from fashion.

Graduate fashion show (1999)

Now everything is coming together and I've realised it's not an either-or situation but it's possible to embrace both writing and designing. These are just the first steps so it's imperative to make money elsewhere. Unfortunately my job hunting has been challenging, my CV is too good for some positions and not good enough for others, it's like being in between sizes: nothing seems to fit properly.

Graduate fashion show (1999)

After much consideration, my initial idea of launching an online boutique has become obsolete. Just as in Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel, fashion is now a money-making global engine sustained by make-believe images, aimed at making us consume more and more what we don't really need, with devastating consequences for developing countries and the environment.  

Graduate fashion show (1999)

It is controlled by a few multinational companies based in the West which are run by men in suit totally oblivious to people, the only thing that matters is figures and profit margins. There are however a few exceptions and I want to be part of these. How Can I give free reign to my creativity and find a fulfilling way of earning a living? 

Recent drawings

Life is unpredictable and plans are therefore always flexible, as someone once said "I don't make plans for life because life may have other plans for me". Nonetheless, this is the way I intend to go now: instead of producing a collection and trying to sell it online, I'd rather work on a one-to-one basis, designing unique and exclusive garments for each person who approaches me. 

Recent drawing

It will always be a wearable sexy and feminine style but specifically tailored to each person's lifestyle and budget. It doesn't matter if it's a coat for winter, a dress for a club night with your friends or a business cocktail party, the important thing is to produce a timeless piece you can revisit as much as you like. 

I refuse to produce clothes no one wants which end up on an outlet or which someone buys on a whim and leaves hanging out in a corner of the wardrobe. It will be as in my freelance journalist assignments, I suggest an idea with original drawings, selected fabrics and budget (based on your individual needs) and you are free to commission the piece or not.

Recent drawing

According to Helen Goworek in Fashion Buying, "many retailers in the UK charge the customer 2.5 to 3.5 times more than the price the manufacturer charged them for a garment. This is not pure profit for the retailer as the vast majority of this amount is spent on overheads such as store rents, rates, electricity, head office costs and staffing. Each company has its own target margin and a set formula for achieving it."

Based on this information, the price of each garment will vary depending on fabrics and cut and will be negotiated in advance with 50% paid as soon as we reach an agreement and the remaining amount when the dress is delivered to you. It will be made-to-measure but this is not meant to be a bespoke couture service for the super wealthy but as affordable as possible and above all wearable.   

Recent drawing

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe." Anatole France

For further information please email me (top right corner). The point is not to be a famous designer but to be able to live doing what I love, writing and creating beautiful clothes! This is my dream! What's yours? 

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