Saturday, 15 September 2012

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is getting bigger and bigger and with Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-Porter, as the new Chairman of the British Fashion Council from January 2013, we can expect it to become even greater.

Holly Fulton
Holly Fulton (photos:

New names emerge every season either on catwalk shows or exhibiting their work at different venues. It is refreshing to see such creativity when walking around exhibition spaces! Carefully selected accessories, jewellery and shoes are completely outside the predictable mainstream. 

Emma J Shipley and Noel Stewart
Emma J Shipley and Noel Stewart

It is also an opportunity to see designers clothes fresh from the catwalk in all their glory, feeling the texture of the fabrics and observing the way things are done. The exhibition at Somerset House also features pieces by Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and other recognisable names of the fashion industry.

Antonio Berardi, Temperley London, Stella McCartney and Tom Ford
Antonio Berardi, Temperley London, Stella McCartney and Tom Ford

But why is London Fashion Week so special? If there's one thing that sets it apart from other fashion destinations is the way it doesn't play safe. Designers are not afraid to try things out and follow their vision, even if it is outrageous or commercially challenging.

Jeffrey Michael show, Felicity Brown dress, Piers Atkinson headpiece
Jeffrey Michael show, Felicity Brown dress, Piers Atkinson headpiece

This defiant attitude can be sensed across the city but during the fashion week, it seems that everyone who stands out from the crowd gathers near the show venues. Most people are dressed up in their unique individual style, without a care in the world if it is over the top, in fact they seem to be proud of it. 

Giles Deacon, Lulu Guinness, Piers Atkinson
Giles Deacon, Piers Atkinson and Lulu Guinness interpret Minnie Mouse

Some have to work hard, having second jobs in order to continue pursuing their passion for fashion, but they do it wholeheartedly. Just as other creative areas, it takes drive and enthusiasm to succeed. For emerging designers it's a combination between media attention and finding people who connect with whatever they are expressing. 

Ji Cheng
Ji Cheng

Ji Cheng catwalk show was a serene and poetic experience provoked by the softness of colours and fabrics. But if you prefer a casual chic urban look, an eye-catching party dress or anything else you may envision, I'm sure you'll find it at London Fashion Week! The sky is the limit!

Felder Felder and Jasper Conran
Felder Felder and Jasper Conran (photos:

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