Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy 2013!

Against the prediction of ancient calenders, the world hasn't ended which leaves us the other forecasted possibility: the birth of a new era! If we look back to our New Year's resolutions throughout our lives, how many have we actually managed to realise? If we would face death now could we be honestly happy with the person we have become?

J. Mendel, Lanvin
J. Mendel and Lanvin (photos edited from

Let's celebrate 2013 in style, not only outwardly with a sexy dress and glamorous high heels, but also inwardly by making a commitment to change our negative hidden corners with bravery and enthusiasm. Modern life is making us more and more self-centred and we have become totally obsessed with fortune and glory.

Alberta Ferretti, Gucci
Alberta Ferretti and Gucci (photos edited from

In a documentary, George Harrison said when he was young that looked like a legitimate goal to achieve but once he managed to get it, he realised that was not it. Think of fashion, the fortune and glory of Alexander McQueen didn't save him from committing suicide. So what is itAccording to Action for Happiness, there are ten keys to happier living:

Roberto Cavalli, Jason Wu
Roberto Cavalli and Jason Wu (photos edited from

Giving - Do things for others
Relating - Connect with people
Exercising - Take care of your body
Appreciating - Notice the world around
Trying out - Keep learning new things

Gucci, Antonio Berardi
Gucci and Antonio Berardi (photos edited from

Direction - Have goals to look forward to
Resilience - Find ways to bounce back
Emotion - Take a positive approach
Acceptance - Be comfortable with who you are
Meaning - Be part of something bigger

Emilio Pucci, Nina Ricci
Emilio Pucci and Nina Ricci (photos edited from

In a conference held in London about Empathy and Compassion in Society, several speakers, from clinical psychologists and mental health researchers to renowned authors, social entrepreneurs and economists, all spoke about how thinking of others is beneficial for everyone. I hope their message can inspire us all to develop a kinder heart, as Diane Von Furstenberg declares "Love is Live, Life is Love". Happy 2013! 

Jasper Conran, Versace
Jasper Conran and Versace (photos edited from

No excuses to not look stylish with my selection of party dresses!

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