Friday, 7 October 2011

'Last Night a DJ Saved my Life'

The 60s were a decade of wild explosions, a generation pushed the boundaries of freedom beyond any reasoning and defended Peace and Love in a pure yet naive way.

The main figures of this unique period were funny characters, the so-called rock stars, enjoying themselves until falling apart, always moving around from one place to the other as Jack Kerouac did, living a life with no rules.

Jim Morrison wrote in one of his songs 'the future is uncertain and death is always near', although it's up to each of us to decide what we want from life, jumping to death when you're just 27 is not exactly a dream goal.

Although today we also have pop celebrities well-known around the world, the leading characters of the hedonistic lifestyle and cult stars of alternative movements are definitely the DJs.

It is really hard to find them because they're always moving from Miami to Ibiza, sun bathing in the Greek Islands, partying hard in Brazil, Morocco and Japan... They live excessively and never start functioning before lunch time.

Night is their best friend and they can be found in their natural habitat - the nightclub - buying records in shops that most people never heard of, chilling out in their busy hotel rooms or recording in alternative music studios.

These alien species called DJs are always wandering around airports with swollen eyes and a bag full of records, they make obscene amounts of money in just a few hours and are usually surrounded by sexy women.

We tend to love them as a close friend just because a good DJ is able to give us so much pleasure! Sounds provoke different feelings in us, making us want to jump wherever we are or deeply relaxing us.

Women who listen to classical music during pregnancy have more peaceful babies. I wonder if this is true for chill out music...

But back to the point, the atmosphere of the club is really important, the design, the people... But the DJ is definitely the one who rides the horse. So with the weekend coming up, make sure you know who's hitting the decks.

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