Sunday, 9 October 2011

All You Need to Know About Getting (Un)Dressed!

If yout thought this would be about rules of seduction think again. There are no rules! But for you to get undressed, you definitely need to dress up a bit. Some people know how to do this so well that they always manage to catch our attention.

That's why we keep looking at celebrity's style pages. But if you don't have a professional stylist behind you and if you're not Kate Moss, there are some fashion styling tips you can follow.

This is my way of thanking all of you for your incredible support to my blog, which I've started writing exactly one month ago! Make the most of it!

  • Be yourself 
Your body is your own canvas to communicate with others. Let's face it if you were in a desert island you wouldn't bother to dress at all. Choose what's right for you, according to your own personality.

  • Dress for the occasion
A cocktail party demands a different look than a business meeting. However, it's a lack of imagination to take this too literally. There should always be a certain level of fantasy and playfulness.

  • Make the most of your body
There is nothing more disturbing than a short and overweight woman wearing a mini-skirt, especially if she has cellulite. Clothes should be your armour, hiding the less attractive areas and showing off your best physical attributes.

  • Follow your mood
Respect your state of mind and go with what feels right whenever you're dressing. Unless it's a very special occasion, too much planning can go wrong if you don't have the right attitude for whatever you're wearing. You need to exude confidence.

But most of all... Have fun!

"Fashion is something ephemeral, made of foolishness, fantasy and emotion." Diana Vreeland

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