Thursday, 22 September 2011

Leather's Touch... A Styling Trend!

Leather feels good, soft to the touch but also provocative and protective. This season it definitely makes a come back, it's the reinvention of a classic!  

Clemency London

If you want to be edgy but still feminine I recommend this bright pink version by Clemency London. Or you can mix your black leather jacket with feminine clothes to create a contrast.

Marlon Brandon wore a leather jacket like no one else in the The Wild One (1953) and music subcultures adopted leather as a way of expressing their opposition to conventional standards.

Felder Felder

Today  leather is much more a style statement not only for rock stars and film legends but also for the common mortal, including photographers!

For a woman, there is nothing like a leather skirt to make her feel sexy. You can wear the subtle knee lenght version or show off your legs.

For those ethical about leather, you can always buy a second-hand one off piece in one of London's fabulous street markets.

I actually have two beautiful leather jackets, one from my auntie and the other inherited from my grandmother, who bought it in Paris over 30 years ago. 


If not, you can indulge in a new one with a different style such as this one from Peridot. Whatever you do, feel the touch of leather this season!

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