Friday, 30 September 2011

Moon Light Fashion

Last night another members club opened its doors in London. Dorsia is the new nightlife destination in South Kensington, certainly competing with Boujis, already an established business with a high profile clientele.

Members clubs are quite popular in London, their exclusivity and lavish interiors are meant to suit city types and the beautiful women who gravitate around them.

Dorsia's clever promotion was a YouTube video playing up with a scene from American Psycho, the cult thriller film about a Wall Street yuppie starred by a highly desirable Christian Bale and directed by Mary Harron.

It certainly did the trick because the club was packed with lots of people dancing away and enjoying themselves while outside women made an effort to look good in order to get in.

Men also need to look smart but they can get away more easily, particularly if they're handsome! But if you love fashion and want to feel like a superstar for one night, Dorsia is definitely the place for you!

Wear a sexy dress, hit one of the two dance floors and get your body moving! Alternatively, you can have a quiet dinner upstairs.

It was a fun night! So if you get a bit of Saturday night fever this weekend, (and I'm sure you will with this late summertime) you know where to go! It's our little secret... I suggest this beautiful Rouland Mouret dress. Have fun!