Thursday, 29 September 2011

An Afternoon in Hyde Park

London is quite unique because even though it's a big city with all the inherent chaos and incredible speed you can relax in one of the many lovely parks sprinkled around the metropolitan area.

Whenever the weather is kind, with sunshine and hot temperatures, people rush outside and many go to the park. Today I've been to one of the most well known, Hyde Park.

 You feel a different energy in the air, everyone seems to be happy and cheerful. Some people roller skate with sunglasses and headphones by the border of the lake while others prefer the classic horse ride.

But if you're looking for style in the park it's not that easy to find. The attitude of couldn't care less about what I'm wearing prevails.

There are however a few fortunate exceptions. Some women manage to find the fine balance between being stylish while still relaxed.

There was a peaceful moment when I laid on the grass and looked up to the trees above me, listening to the birds and everything seemed to stand still.

Nature induces introspection and quietness in our mind, it's important to take time out just to immerse ourselves in deep inner peace.

And there are areas in Hyde Park where you forget you're in the heart of a big city. Suddenly you are transported to the countryside but without it's inconveniences.

On my way back, I saw a woman with a dress saying: "smile, you are amazing"! Really cute!   

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