Monday, 27 August 2012

Most Popular Fashion Videos

From magazines to online retail sites and global luxury brands, videos are more and more crucial to communicate with potential consumers and engage target audiences. If a video becomes viral it saves a lot of investment in terms of advertising and marketing campaigns.

1 - Dior: Secret Garden Versailles film - 17,401,524 views
(25,552 subscribers / 53,609,045 video views)

You can watch videos not only on a specific website but those with vision have extended their online presence to a YouTube channel, showcasing their work to an increasingly growing community.

2 - Fendi: Milan Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012-13 - 4,595,252 views
(2,655 subscribers / 20,439,303 video views)

This global phenomenon of video sharing creates a buzz around brands and if you don't have a YouTube channel is very likely that someone else is being popular and even making money out of your built image.

3 - Lernert & Sanders "Natural Beauty" - 1,558,043 views
(5,341 subscribers / 4,341,548 video views)

This is a research of the most popular videos based on brands which have a YouTube channel. The fact that a video is popular does not imply an increase in subscribers and does not interfere particularly on video views, but it gives an idea of what people enjoy watching online.

4 - Armani: Megan Fox for EA Underwear and Armani Jeans - 1,465,478 views
(9,209 subscribers / 9,435,802 video views)

Sometimes they just follow one another as a snow ball going down a mountain. My most popular blog post of all time is about an exhibition from last September. It's not particularly interesting when compared with others but everyone is curious to check out what others like. 

5 - Chanel: Blue de Chanel - The Film - 1,429,174 views
(29,641 subscribers / 8,611,451 video views)

Maybe they assume it's good just because the majority of people love it but this is always questionable. However, viral videos do wonders by reaching global audiences in a short period of time. But what makes a video viral? 

6 - Dolce & Gabbana: The making of Calcio Underwear campaign: episode 1 - 1,052,659 views
(21,159 subscribers / 13,462,203 video views)

It can be quite random and it is challenging to unveil the secrets of a video's success. It is really not about advertising in its conventional form but brand communication at its highest level. The big players in luxury fashion can afford to gather the best possible team of contributors to create eye catching videos.

7 - Agent Provocateur: Classics - The Chase - 837,417 views
(3,393 subscribers / 4,039,133 video views)

Creativity is definitely a key ingredient to capture the attention of people who are likely to enjoy it enough to share the video with their social media network. Entertainment is also fundamental if you think about user experiences.

8 - Lanvin: Fall Winter 2011-12 ad campaign - 750,099 views
(3,059 subscribers / 1,255,408 video views)

A video can be a little break from work or a personal experience on an iPad or mobile phone while travelling around the city so the fun element needs to be addressed. Online communities are more and more important in our increasingly wired world.

9 - Nick Knight shoots Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair - 716,854 views
(9,871 subscribers / 4,847,219 video views)

The fashion industry as a fast-forward area by excellence is embracing this new tool of expressing their image with highly sophisticated short films. The figures show quite bluntly who is doing well and producing the most engaging content.

10 - Burberry: 'Remember by Misty Miller - 676,837 views
(40,134 subscribers / 15,604,620 video views)

When the future of TV becomes more and more tailored to niche markets and individual taste as it's already happening online, YouTube is probably a predecessor of what lies ahead. It's also worth considering how immune we are all getting towards advertising so brands really need to push boundaries in order to connect with us. 

If this list was based on subscribers/video views the order would be very different. 

11 - Prada: "A Therapy" - 582,965 views
(7,813 subscribers / 2,074,783 video views)

12 - Louis Vuitton: The Art of Packaging - 314,844 views
(19,247 subscribers / 5,101,755 video views)

13 - Gucci: Exclusive behind the scenes footage of Jennifer Lopes - 309,797 views
(4,418 subscribers / 1,220,989 video views)

14 - Vogue TV: Gisele Bundchen Cover Shoot behind the scenes April 2010 - 199,409 views
(10,334 subscribers / 1,381,975 video views)

15 - Faces of Fashion FW11 Sneak peek - 157,054 views
(7,232 subscribers / 2,623,148 video views)

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