Friday, 31 August 2012

Job Interview Look

First impressions are very important in all our relationships but in a job interview they are absolutely crucial. Many recruiters make early judgements before we even utter a word. So it's worth making an effort to look the part, just as costume design, the right clothes can help us embody the role we are applying for.

job interview look
Top: Bellatrix, skirt: Hobbs, necklace: Ralph Lauren, shoes: Karen Millen

There is plenty of room for manoeuvre depending on the type of job but the clothes should be clean and well pressed and the shoes polished. My selection is aimed at those who are on a budget so everything is up to £150, for instance the Ralph Lauren glass pearls are £36.

job interview look
Top: Modcloth, jeans: RA-RE, bag: Moschino, shoes: Steve Madden

Classic elegance is a safe ground, you can never go wrong with a simple white shirt but for fashionable jobs add something trendy or an eye-catching accessory. The most important is to feel confident and look the part but this is just the first step. It can never be stressed enough how much a good preparation will help.

Job interview look
Dress: Adrianna Papell, earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, shoes:  BCBGMAXAZRIA

Research about the company shows a genuine interest and we should train beforehand to put ourselves in their shoes. If we were in their position what would we ask and what would we look for? It's all about communication so we should focus not on how good we are but on how we can be of any benefit to them, with clear examples from past experiences.

Job interview look
Top: Oasis, earrings: Vivienne Westwood, skirt: Top Shop,
belt: Marni, watch: DKNY, shoes: Isola

It works like a spider's net, each answer should reflect the connection points between our competencies and their specific needs. As in any communication process, it's important to be able to listen carefully and answer thoughtfully. Even though it may feel like a performance, where we are aware of all our moves, it's crucial to be truthful and genuine. Last but not least, be punctual! (Would you hire unreliable people?)

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