Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Let's Get Physical!

No, I did not grow up in the 80s, but when writing about exercise the song 'Physical' by Australian pop singer Olivia Newton-John, does come to mind. With summer holidays approaching this is definitely your last chance to get fit, so why not do it in style?

Top: Rag & Bone, leggings: Lucas Hugh, trainers: Puma

One of the most popular New Year's eve resolutions is to exercise regularly and in January the gym is always crowded, but unless you apply some effort you won't continue to enjoy its well-known benefits

Top: Balmain, leggings: MCQ by Alexander McQueen, trainers: Balenciaga

From supermodels to actresses and music divas, their lifestyle always involves working out. Most of them have a personal trainer and nowadays most gyms offer this service to their members, so there's no excuse to be careless. 

Top: Barbara Bui, leggings: Asos, trainers: Puma

With the weather warming up you can also go for a run in the park and interact with nature, a valuable source of energy. This post is the result of observing  how most people exercise without having fun with what they're wearing; it is possible to be stylish!

Top: Rag & Bone, leggings: Lucas Hugh, trainers: Puma

But the most important is to be healthy and accept whatever body we have. It's all about balance, eating and exercising moderately in order to enjoy life and have enough energy to deal with all its challenges with a positive frame of mind.

Top: Top Shop, leggings: MCQ by Alexander McQueen, trainers: Golden Goose

To keep our body moving is a natural way to unwind instead of the traditional drink down the Pub. My favourite look to exercise is definitely a loose fitting top, leggings and trainers, which can never be completed without colourful leg warmers.

I do enjoy having a drink with my friends from time to time, but to cope with negative emotions and circumstances, there's nothing like a good work out! From yoga to cycling, from Kung Fu to Zumba, from running to swimming, there are many activities to choose from, just pick one you truly enjoy and stick with it!  

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