Friday, 2 March 2012

The Photography of Eve Arnold

All about Eve is the latest must-see photography exhibition in London! Opening to the public today, it celebrates the work of the legendary photographer Eve Arnold, who became famous for her unique portraits of Marilyn Monroe over a 10-year period.

Eve Arnold's People book cover (2009)
Edited by Brigitte Lardinois, Thames & Hudson

"She was intelligent, sharp and beautiful enough to be able to manipulate almost any situation so that it became totally her own. I've never seen anyone with the ability to do that. And she did it superbly." Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold died aged 99 in January this year leaving behind an incredible legacy of the world she lived in, captured through her own vision and mirroring her compassionate nature.

Eve Arnold: Horse training for the militia, Inner Mongolia, China, 1979
© Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos
All About Eve, Art Sensus 

Above all, Arnold photographed ordinary daily lives showing them in a positive light, from migratory potato pickers to the Black Power movement in Harlem during the 50s, she was a fearless woman who genuinely cared about others.

She has published collections of her photographs including The Unretouched Woman (1976), a vibrant and kind-hearted testimony of the lives and condition of women in many parts of the world.

"The unknown Eve Arnold is actually much more fascinating and much more exciting, intellectually more challenging than the Hollywood photographs." 
Mehmet Dalman, Collector

But she published many other books such as Marylin Monroe (2005) and Eve Arnold's People (2009) edited by Brigitte Lardinois who is the curator of All About Eve: The Photography of Eve Arnold exhibition at Art Sensus gallery.

Eve Arnold: Divorce in Moscow, USSR, 1966
© Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos
All About Eve, Art Sensus

Conceived as a retrospective, this exhibition highlights the true diversity of Arnold's oeuvre, outlining her extensive travels, primarily to Afghanistan, China and Russia.

The accompanying book, edited by her long-time friend and gallerist Zelda Cheattle provides a different perspective of her work, as her archives contained many pictures rarely seen.

In 2003 Eve Arnold was made honorary OBE and seven years later she won a lifetime achievement award at the Sony World Photography Awards in Cannes.

All About Eve: The Photography of Eve Arnold
Curated by Brigitte Lardinois
2 March - 27 April 2012
Art Sensus gallery

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