Saturday, 6 October 2012

Visit Best of Britannia

This initiative dispels the common held belief that Britain doesn't manufacture anything anymore and showcases an eclectic range of fashion and accessories - available for purchase - by iconic and emerging British companies.

Dashing Tweeds and Cherchbi
Dashing Tweeds (left) and Cherchbi (right) 

Best of Britannia promotes the stamp 'Made in Britain' exhibiting British designers and brands such as Dashing Tweeds, which has a ladies cape perfect for cycling. It is impermeable and visible at night when lit by vehicle headlights due to its clever fabric. Cherchbi also uses tweed for a wide range of elegant bags, from laptop and iPad sleeves to suitcases.

Tusting, Lie Down I Think I Love You and Lilifi
Tusting (left), Lie Down I Think I Love You (top right) and Lilifi

Other brands offer more colourful options such as Tusting, now with the fifth generation of the family at the helm. 'Lie Down I Think I Love You' looks retro and feminine while Lilifi is more suitable for women who prefer simple and chic bags.

Age of Reason and Jessica de Lotz
Jessica de Lotz jewellery and Age of Reason silk scarves

My favourite pieces are the beautiful silk scarves by Age of Reason, featuring  an individual playful style with a punk twist. I also love the quirky charm of Jessica de Lotz jewellery, particularly the apple inspired pieces. 

Damson & Slate, Archie Foal
Damson & Slate (left)  and Archie Foal

Best of Britannia is a great way to give visibility to British companies but also of reacting against the global dressing standards established by multinational corporations. The world is getting closer and closer and poorer countries are also being supported but it's important to have a balance and each country should promote national businesses.

Farmiloe building, Jojo Hats and Koibito
Farmiloe building, Jojo Hats and Koibito

The event is taking place this weekend at the impressive Farmiloe Building, which desperately needs to be refurbished in order to reawaken its former glory. It has such a strong atmosphere! It is the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of products including scented massage oils and creative love boxes by Koibito.

Jay Kay, Mono by Briggs Automotive Company and Unidome
Jay Kay, Mono by Briggs Automotive Company and Unidome (21st Century Nomadic Living)

I leave you with a photo of a young Jay Kay. I connected with his music a long time ago when hearing for the first time 'She's just a cosmic girl' very early in the morning, after a long night out. Once I draw his face for a music magazine competition and won all his albums!  


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