Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Best of Scoop International Fashion Show

This fashion trade show is a platform for creative talent featuring a wide range of labels from UK and abroad. Lynnja Wang has interpreted the pleats trend into this beautiful dress with an abstract print. A silver bolero is also a great addition to any summer wardrobe and this Nicholas King's butterfly bracelet brings promises of transformation... 

Dress: Lynnja Wang, bolero: Magenta, jewellery: Nicholas King

If you haven't been on holiday or simply love the comfort of an elegant kaftan, Lotus London has a lot to choose from. To add a strong fashion statement to any look, just wear a distinctive Konplott necklace by Miranda Konstantinidou.

Kaftan: Lotus London, jewellery: Konplott

These colourful dresses by Ali Ro are suitable for both urban landscapes and holiday destinations. Turquoise is definitely a colour associated with tropical landscapes and the sea. This dress is great to go out, it has a long cut at the back which makes it quite sexy.

Ali Ro

Hoss Intropia was also represented at Scoop International, its is a label with a unique style, feminine and focused on creative details which make all the difference. 

Hoss Intropia

Fashion trade shows are all about business, buyers for creative boutiques were definitely able to find something at Scoop International, held again at the Saacthi Gallery. The great selection of brands and designers makes this a worthwhile destination.

Goat and Julia Janus

Christophe Sauvat was one of the places busy with orders, which is good news giving the current economic climate. This white dress with colourful beads would be a hit in Ibiza and for those of us who are struggling for a place in the sun, this Gaudi t-shirt is an inspiration. 

Dress: Christophe Sauvat, t-shirt: Gaudi, jewellery: Pink Powder

Another Gaudi top that caught my attention was this one, ideal for a summer music festival, which you can embellish with Nicholas King bracelets and this nature inspired necklace by Bill Skinner.

Top: Gaudi, bracelets: Nicholas King, necklace: Bill Skinner

For a special evening you can wear this red dress with black lace by Almire, an invitation to seduce or if you prefer to move around without being too conscious of your feminine curves, go for this chic abstract print by Petrovitch & Robinson instead. 

Almire and Petrovich & Robinson

This is a selection of my favourite pieces at Scoop International Fashion Show.   It was a pleasure to take a closer look at the wide variety of labels and designers showcasing their work at Saatchi Gallery. My skirt caught the eye of a few people due to the vast amount of shoes printed on it...  I've got it years ago at Spitalfields market.

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