Thursday, 3 May 2012

Work Wardrobe

This is the ideal time to wear a blouse, it's not too hot and not too cold and we can always put on a jacket to cover up when moving from one place to the other. It's really feminine but do we want to look like our mother? Find out how to make it look avant-garde!

Love Moschino Jeans, Burberry Prorsum blouse and Lanvin Jacket

The blouse is an elegant way to dress up, the softness of the silk feels good against our skin and it creates an aura chic glamour around us but it can become too classic or too smart.

Balmain jeans, American Apparel blouse and Balmain jacket

A good way to give the whole look an edge is to combine the blouse with jeans, preferably with some outstanding details which create a stark contrast, just as the yin and yang, opposite forces are interconnected and complement each other.

Burberry Brit jeans, Matthew Williamson blouse and Matthew Williamson blazer

Jackets help to give the whole look coherence or take centre stage as it happens with this Kimono inspired blazer by Matthew Williamson. It goes without saying that the best shoes to wear are high heels but if you must walk a lot, just take a pair of ballet pumps in your handbag.

Helmut Lang jeans, Valentino blouse and Burberry Prorsum blazer

Black is always chic for an evening out, this ensemble gives prominence to the beautiful Valentino floral print blouse while the next is all about the fabulous Roberto Cavalli jeans. It's good to invest in a high impact pair, after many years I still cherish my Miss Sixty jeans with golden spray. They're always a success!

Roberto Cavalli jeans, Zac Posen blouse and Miu Miu jacket

For those with a bold attitude, who like to unleash the animal within, why not wear these jeans also by Roberto Cavalli? To smooth the sexiness, wear a classic pearl colour blouse and an elegant blazer. 

Roberto Cavalli jeans,  Rachel Zoe blouse and DKNY blazer

If you like blouses with a bow, Stella McCartney has this burgundy version that looks great with a girlie Alice by Temperley leather jacket. Just add a bit of sparkle and you're ready to go!

Vivienne Westwood jeans, Stella McCartney blouse and Alice by Temperley jacket

Or you can wear a sparkling blouse with a bow but then it's good to combine it with simple grey jeans and a black leather jacket to add some roughness to the whole look.

Edun jeans, Halston Heritage blouse and Asos jacket

If you're wondering where to find these clothes, just follow the link of the designated brand on the caption. I've tried to cater for different budgets without compromising on style.

Balmain jeans, Diane Von Furstenberg blouse and Balmain blazer

I leave you with an option for a bright sunny day, white is the best colour to embrace the warm weather, its radiance shines and is always uplifting.

Roberto Cavalli jeans, Stella McCartney blouse and Lanvin jacket

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