Friday, 6 April 2012

Fashion Press Day 2

Are you curious to see which designers caught my eye during another day of fashion hunting around London? If you expect big names, think again, this time it's all about the up and coming, although some of them are already quite well-known.

Fred Butler

Piers Atkinson is one of them, his hats and headpieces have seduced influential people in fashion such as Anna Dello Russo, currently the Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan and a successful blogger.

Anna Dello Russo (photo:

But he has also admirers in the music industry, Rihanna has worn one of his cherry headpieces for her infamous S&M music video.

Rihanna wearing Piers Atkinson (photo:

The fact that Piers Atkinson is attracting a lot of attention is not a coincidence, he has the ability to create fun and funky hats and headpieces to embellish the woman in a modern way.

Piers Atkinson

Una Burke has also a wild imagination working with leather in different colours to produce bold accessories which can turn into body adornments in their own right.

Una Burke

You must be wondering where are my beloved dresses... If you like leather, this Ada Zandition black dress will do the trick and for extra drama wear it with this Charlie Le Mindu headpiece.

Ada Zandition and Charlie Le Mindu

For a more uplifting look, embrace the colour of the moment and wear this bold orange dress with a feminine hat and psychedelic print scarf.

Aqua dress, Mich Dulce hat and scarf by ABO London

I also love the 'Electric Dreams' belt by Aqua, who said you can only express yourself with custom t-shirts or neon?

Yayoi Kusama would love my dress! Belt by Aqua

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