Saturday, 7 January 2012

Street Vibes: Portobello Market

Music echoes from the stalls and street artists give a new life to one of the most popular and vibrant markets in London - Portobello. The British romantic comedy Notting Hill, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, was shot in this area.

In 1739, the Spanish Admiral Vernon captured Puerto Bello in the Mexican Golf generating several commemorative names such as Portobello farm. Where today is the market was then the pathway leading to the farm.

It began in the end of 1860 and in 1930 only fruit and vegetables were available but in the 50s antiques arrived to Portobello. Now you can find almost anything, from second-hand books to vintage clothes and accessories.

This market is a firm favourite among locals and tourists alike, you do hear many different languages as you walk by but many other things catch your attention, from beautiful multi-coloured houses to different stalls and little shops full of character.

Trendy people fill the local pubs with their amusing discussions and laughter. In August, the whole area gets totally packed celebrating the Notting Hill Carnival with different parties going on everywhere.  

If you love movies, it's worth going to the Electric Cinema, where you can watch a film while enjoying a glass of champagne or a cocktail. It opened in 1911 surviving two World Wars and it's well known for its broad range of quality mainstream and art house films. 

Visiting Portobello market is always an inspiring experience and whoever comes here for the first time goes away wishing to return, it's a bit like the Trevi Fountain in Rome but you don't need to throw a coin anywhere.

So if you're in London on a Saturday, you know where to go: Notting Hill! This market has a great vibe and if you look carefully, I'm sure you'll find something unique to express yourself! And you can always have fun trying on different hats and sunglasses! 

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