Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Do You Believe in Love? Romantic Fashion

Unless you’ve found love early in life, you'll only begin to realise the whole challenge ahead of you when the first inevitable and merciless ageing signs start to emerge… How are you going to find love?

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We have the valuable right to choose, unlike many women in the past and in fact so many women today in other regions of the globe, we select who we want to be and have children with.

We tend to go after the illusion of romance without realising love doesn’t come only from the heart but also from the mind.

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So where do you meet like-minded people in a big city like London? It’s funny how we have a myriad of means of communicating with one another, but people seem to be more and more out of reach, each living in their own little sphere.

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In their book The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett say “people’s sense of identity used to be embedded in the community to which they belonged, in people’s real knowledge of each other, but now it cast adrift in the animosity of mass society. Familiar faces have been replaced by a constant flux of strangers.”

Some seriously busy women invest time and money on online dating, you can meet people with common interests and sometimes it works.

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But it can also be a dangerous path. How can you be sure he's being honest about everything? How can you be sure he’s a not a serial dater? How can you know if there will be any chemistry? A picture can be deceiving, especially nowadays when every image you see is retouched…

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Another big city's phenomenon is speed dating, which is just an abnormal situation created for women who believe they can select a partner like a dress in a busy high street shop…

When you shop in a hurry you’ll end up with a cheap dress you’ll throw away sooner or later without really enjoying it in the first place…

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Bars and clubs… That’s where men feel confident or drunk enough to approach women. They’ll go for those who look available for a night of passion with no further requirements, basically sexual predators like them;

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The difference is most women always look at their mobile phone the following day hoping that for some unknown reason he could magically become 'dating material'… A womaniser is never 'dating material'.

Friends of friends, yes it would be the ideal situation but how often does it happen? Most of my friends’ friends are either committed or incredibly boring...

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Work colleagues… There’s a slow building up of tension with an obstacle that makes it really exciting and fun, but after that roller coaster ride you’ll end up having to face him and pretend nothing happened when you just want someone to take him out of your sight forever.

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So how do you solve the mission of finding love in a big city? Without wanting to fall into a cliché, be yourself! French have a wonderful expression - être bien dans sa peau - to feel good in your own skin.

Think of Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz, sometimes the right person can come later in life, it's a waist of time and energy to worry about things you cannot control, life's too short, so do things you enjoy whenever you can.

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Go out for a cocktail with friends, watch one of London's magnificent plays, take a walk in the park on a precious sunny day and give free reign to your creativity: photography, painting, writing... If you feel happy you will naturally be loving to others and effortlessly shine!

Remember real beauty comes from within but feel free to use fashion to be beautiful inside out! I hope you like my selection of the most romantic looks of this season... Do you believe in love?

Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus (London)

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