Monday, 17 October 2011

Men's Fashion and Style

I was not considering to include menswear on my blog but after receiving Lagerfeld's lookbook for Spring Summer 2012, I've changed my mind.

Lagerfeld Spring Sumer 2012

Menswear is just too literal! Apart from the the noble elite living with Louis XIV at the lavish Palace de Versailles, who would wear wigs, make up, pink stockings and bright colour clothes, men tend to dress in a much less eccentric way than women.

Those of us familiar with the film Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola, have a more precise idea of what it was like living at that time in that particular scenario, although she revamped it to make it more contemporary, you can still get the vibe of it all.

Lagerfeld Spring Sumer 2012

There was also the famous Dandy, who placed a particular importance upon physical appearance, the outrageous hippy and punk movements, but if you think about menswear the prevalent look is of the office man.

Women look at men in a different light than men themselves, also changing if they're gay or straight, but even with many viewpoints, I always find menswear a bit too self contained.

Lagerfeld Spring Sumer 2012

Nowadays, the boundaries are blurring but I think there is still a long way to go. If you take a look at GQ, a menswear fashion magazine, on the list of the 50 best well dressed men in Britain, the majority of them are wearing a suit.

Although not necessarily on that order, I  do agree with the choice of Tom Ford, George Lamb, Jude Law and Mark Ronson, who recently got married wearing a beautiful white suit. 

Lagerfeld Spring Sumer 2012

But, even if you do recognise the power of a tailored suit and the fantasy of a man in uniform, there are so many other options to look amazing! Johnny Depp always looks good and is certainly not conventional. He wears his clothes with an irresistible attitude.

"Dress consists not so much in the garment as in the way it is worn." Honoré de Balzac, Traité de la Vie Elégante


So for all the men out there, make the most of the best menswear designed today and be daring!