Saturday, 18 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Day 2

The second day of London Fashion Week was just as hectic as the first, running from one place to the other to try to cover as much as possible.

Stylish journalist at Somerset House

This season, Simone Rocha, daughter of the established designer John Rocha, made her debut with a tactile collection made of different textures, from lace and crochet to PVC and leather. The whole vibe was cool and relaxed.

Simone Rocha (

Moschino Cheap & Chic left Milan for London to present the Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection, which was all about make-up, with different colours and patterns mixed together. It is suitable for those who love girly clothes, I'm sure it will be a hit in some Asian markets. 

Moschino Cheap & Chic (

Alice Temperley was inspired by Eastern European attire and has created her own vision of this look for her label, Temperley London. This is one of my favourite collections, the woman emerges magnificent and powerful, with opulent embellishments, it brings to mind fairy tales about exotic queens. 

Temperley London (

London Fashion Week is also great to see seriously stylish people, there was some time between the shows to capture a few of them who are also on the move. Different looks but certainly vibrant!

Somerset House

Some designers choose to present their work with short creative films, so far I've attended three screenings: Ada Zandition, Laura Theiss and Jayne Pierson. Subversion is the word for both the films and clothes. They all seem to explore different levels of consciousness in their own unique way and fashion is above all conceptual.  

Press room, Somerset House

The press room was buzzing with activity, journalists and bloggers working on their laptops and iPads and engaged in networking. On my way to the Corinthia Hotel, after a rainy day I caught a glimpse of a beautiful golden sunset...

A few designers decided to book two penthhouses in the hotel to showcase their work, the whole setting was glamorous, there was a grand piano, shelves with books and orchids.   

Elliot Atkinson and Nabil Nayal

My favourite was Alice Palmer, a knitwear designer who aims to change the way this craft is perceived creating high fashion covetable garments. She used a film noir colour palette to create sculptural clothes in silk, lurex and lambswool yarns.

Alice Palmer

I leave you with another image of London Fashion Week's eclectic style. If you want to see more please view the photo albums on my blog's facebook page.

Somerset House

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