Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Slow Fashion? Your Choice

As Diane Von Furstenberg said, there's nothing like wearing a dress to 'feel like a woman.' Despite fashion's diversity it can be challenging to find an innovative dress which sets itself apart from previously seen ideas. Fortunately more and more designers are creating unique patterns and graphic effects to appeal to the increasingly fashion savvy and sophisticated modern woman.

Bottega Veneta and Diane Von Furstenberg
Bottega Veneta and Diane Von Furstenberg (photos edited from

This trend has been gaining momentum since last season's catwalk shows and it encapsulates our need for a long lasting and carefully tailored piece, which will make us feel great each time we decide to wear it. Rebecca Willis wrote about the 'slow fashion campaign' on Intelligent Life magazine, gathering relevant information about what women really want from fashion now.

Mary Katrantzou and Felipe Oliveira Baptista
Mary Katrantzou and Felipe Oliveira Baptista (photos edited from

Even thought this is a trend, it's important to understand we have the power, we may read information about trends or seek styling advice but ultimately it's our choice. If we buy something we love which suits our body shape and lifestyle while also reflecting our personality there's not much chance for regrets.

John Galliano and Lanvin
John Galliano and Lanvin (photos edited from

Brands and designers do a lot of research about their customers and particularly today, with social media and other powerful marketing tools characteristic of our digital age, this dialogue is becoming more and more dynamic.  We should never undermine the business side of fashion, it will inevitably respond to sales figures, so our responsibility as consumers is to buy only when we're happy with both the product and the brand. 

Andrew Gn and Tom Ford
Andrew Gn and Tom Ford (photos edited from

If we wouldn't have demanded fast and cheap fashion it wouldn't exist. If we keep buying more and more brands produce more and more, it's the basic economic law of demand and supply. It's easy to put all the blame in the big bad wolf of fashion industry but we also have to be aware of our role as consumers. What and how we buy dictates the evolution of fashion as a whole.

Paul Smith and Etro
Paul Smith and Etro (photos edited from

If we would refuse to buy from brands and designers without having more information about their ethical standards in relation to working conditions and impact on the environment, they would certainly respond to it. Unfortunately even when child labour is reported in the media sales show no signs of slowing down. But greater transparency is not only our right but our duty to demand. 

J. Mendel and Jean Paul Gaultier
J. Mendel and Jean Paul Gaultier (photos edited from

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