Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spring Clean

Tamara Mellon, the woman who took Jimmy Choo into a whole new level (but who left the brand last year) showed her appreciation of Elika Gibbs on Twitter for sorting out her wardrobe.

Tamara Mellon

Elika Gibbs is the the modern day fairy of very busy people who do not have the luxury of time to organise their own wardrobe. But for those of us who are unable to hire a professional, we do need to take some time during the weekend to organise all our fashion purchases.

The so-called spring clean should be done twice a year just as Ayurveda's body cleansing, but this does not intend to create longevity but to keep your daily question of 'what should I wear today?' as simple as possible.

Walk-in wardrobe (every woman's dream!)

My advice is be ruthless, if you haven't worn something for the past 2-3 years, practise generosity and take it to an Oxfam or Cancer Research shop near you. There are also other charity institutions able to distribute your old clothes and shoes.

This is a way of improving your shopping skills, next time you buy you'll be more aware of what you have already at home and how you can mix and match everything.

Regent's Canal

You will also avoid your habitual purchases, somehow we tend to buy the same shapes and colours and then end up with a very limited wardrobe. Another thing to bear in mind is moths, they love the warm weather!

So when putting away your lovely cashmere jumpers invest in moth repellents, nowadays they are not as smelly as they used to be and you can even choose different fragrances from lavender to rosemary.

Kate Hudson wearing a cashmere jumper and Jimmy Choo bag

You can put away your clothes in cotton linen boxes and your shoes in regular  card storage boxes. This is the time to embrace the coming summer and make your wardrobe a haven for dressing up.

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