Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fashion Press Day 3

Despite the heavy rain falling all over London, I couldn't miss an invitation for another press day. It's a valuable opportunity to have a close look at the clothes and accessories, feeling the texture of fabrics and checking the finishing details.

Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen has shown her collection at London Fashion Week, her style is undoubtedly British, bringing to mind Vivienne Westwood with different influences from the past and playing up with the way clothes are constructed.  

Emma Yeo

The dramatic headpieces for the show were designed by Emma Yeo,  one of them was probably inspired by a hand-held fan and punk rock. But whatever the inspiration, it does create an impact.

S. D Yohans

Shoes by S. D Yohans were also on display and I love the peach skin fabric of this Jasper Garvida dress. You can only think of Halston and his suede trademark!  It has also Camden Town vibe alluding to its fantastic vintage jackets.

Jasper Gravida

And giving into vanity, I have to show you my burgundy hat! It was a Christmas gift by my dear and stylish mother, just as the earrings. I wonder where my fashion enthusiasm comes from...

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