Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Gucci Museo opens its doors in Florence

"I can live without jewels but not without art." Frida Giannini, Gucci Creative Director

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Florence in Italy, there is a new unmissable fashion stop - the Gucci Museo.

A 14th century palazzo displays handbags, coats and jewellery from the brand's archive alongside work by contemporary artists.

Source: cpp-luxury.com

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a 1979 white Cadillac Seville with a double G logo ragtop. There are also beautiful red-carpet dresses and you can bring a stylish souvenir for your friends from the gift shop.

The museum opening is a celebration of Gucci's 90th anniversary. The major players of the fashion media were invited and images from the star-studded event have been frenetically circulating the web.

Frida Giannini, source:la-confidential-magazine.com

Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini, is credited for giving a new life to the label after Tom Ford's dramatic departure in 2004. She totally embodies the Gucci woman.

The company granted Giannini's request to move the design team to a new office in her beloved hometown, Rome, two years ago.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

This was undoubtedly an acknowledgment of her success, she has become more and more influential and her shows are a must-see.

Her spring 2012 collection presented this week in Milan - Hard Deco - was inspired by Nancy Cunard and the Chrysler building. But her success is not only due to her creative aesthetics and inner sense of style but also to her business acumen.

She knows the Gucci markets and takes into account their sociocultural evolution.

"It's important to know why China is more powerful than the US for the past five years. Everything changes and we need to have our eyes wide open to keep track of what's happening" said Giannini.

Gucci production chain is based in Italy to guarantee the quality, authenticity and longevity of their products, which cannot be said of other luxury brands.